NATA Holding; Concrete/BA is a group of companies operating in pipes, infrastructure elements, prefabricated facilities, energy, construction, mining, project development and real estate investment, domestic and international contracting services and tourism sectors.

NATA Holding, which has become a group company since 1995, works with the principle of being a company that is sensitive to occupational health and safety, respectful to the environment, making a difference with its improvement and development services, reliable, providing customer satisfaction with its competitive advantage, by adopting a total quality approach in all its projects.

NATA Holding, which is among the top 250 construction companies in the world, employs 523 employees in Turkey and 5500 employees abroad, within the group, which considers that the only condition for being effective and efficient is the correct use of human resources. NATA Holding, which succeeded in making our name known abroad by completing 180 highway bridges in 5 different states of Turkmenistan in 500 days, continues to sign different projects with its experience of nearly half a century.

NATA Holding continues to grow day by day in line with the principles of originality, honesty and merit, together with all its employees.NATA Holding continues its role as the flag carrier in the sector, being aware of the responsibilities it brings behind its power. As in the past, today and tomorrow, it strives to maintain the principles to which it adheres to the end. Behind the trust of business partners in NATA Holding is this trust principle, which comes from its past.