Nata Holding is a group of companies operating in Concrete/BA pipes, infrastructure elements, prefabricated facilities, energy, construction, project development and real estate investment, domestic and international contracting services and tourism sectors.

NATA İnşaat started its service in 1997 on an area of 80.000 m2 with the aim of producing pre-stressed structural elements of Beton-BA Pipe and infrastructure elements and all kinds of BA prefabricated structures (industrial facilities, construction site structures, garden furniture, building elements, etc.). is an institution. Nata İnşaat has reached its current prestigious position by combining the advanced technology required by the industry with its expert staff, and by adding the trust gained by the employer administrations to the experience it has created by gathering quality and standards within itself.

NATA Gayrimenkul is a real estate leader operating in many areas, from smart homes that make life safer to shopping malls where it provides rental, management and consultancy services, with the projects it has realized within the body of NATA Holding.

Istmar Tem Gayrimenkul Inc was established in 2005 in Ankara. The company, which is a partner of Antares Mall, also owns all structures such as Nata Vega Mall, Vega Istanbul Mall , Vega Silivri Mall, Vega Yalova Mall and Vega Cadde Mall. In addition to these, Aquavega Aquarium management is also within the body of Istmar Tem Gayrimenkul Inc.

Altan was founded in 2018. It operates the Vega Outlet Eskişehir Mall located in the Eskişehir.

NET YAPI carries out one of Turkey's railway development projects, which has been successful since 1986.NET YAPI has project and application knowledge on macro scale housing projects, health and sports complexes, business centers, soil reinforcement, bored piles, pre-stressed anchorage and infrastructure works.

HSN Elektrik was established in 2006 for the purpose of establishing and operating electrical power generation facilities and distributing the generated electricity to customers.

Şehir Gayrimenkul Inc was established in 2006. The company has undertaken the construction and sales of housing to date. There are many projects that are ongoing and planned to be carried out within the body of Şehir Gayrimenkul Inc..

Korudağı Madencilik was established in 2003. In order to meet the raw material needs of the construction sectors, the company is working on determining the mining sites, obtaining the operating licenses for these fields and putting them into operation.

It was founded in 2000 by Namık TANIK. Dolunay has implemented Antares, one of the largest shopping mall in Turkey.