Acting with the awareness that the energy of the future will be based on the discipline of sustainable and clean energy, NATA Holding implements energy transmission line constructions and geothermal projects.

Geothermal - Susuz

Project Features

Daily (8 hours) water consumption of 403,200,00 lt/day and 12,096,000,00 lt/monthly water consumption of geothermal hot water extracted 14 lt/sec is stated.

In the case that 1 month per year is reserved for maintenance operations, 133,056,000,00 lt/year water consumption for 11 months of operation has been determined.

Geothermal - Seferihisar

Project Features

In order to increase the importance of geothermal energy in Turkey, investments in this field have been emphasized. In the Seferihisar-İZMİR region, feasibility studies for potential thermal tourism and electrical energy continue with an operating license area.